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Dry Aged Beef | Brisbane & Gold Coast

Dry aged Cape Grim T-bone before and after dry ageing.

Why Dry Age Beef?

  • Dry aging breaks down collagen over time to create a more tender steak
  • Draws moisture from the beef and concentrates the meat to create an entirely new flavour profile
  • Dry aged beef is still juicy when cooked as beef is about 75% water, the process does not remove everything, just enough to enhance the flavour, similar to reducing a sauce into something wonderful.
  • Dry aged beef looks and cooks like a regular steak after it has been trimmed and sliced.


Dry aged t-bone at our Eagle Farm Store, Brisbane.


The Dry Aging process has been around for centuries, with the advent of refrigeration and countless studies we as an industry have been able to perfect the process and recreate it in food-safe environments we call Dry Age Rooms.


The benefits of dry ageing with us

- We dry age in our temperature controlled dry ageing equipped with UV Lights.

- Access wholesale prices for branded, premium beef

- Choose your own ageing period - 30, 45 or 60 days

- Sliced, aged, trimmed and vacuum sealed for no extra charge

- Vacuum sealed steaks can last up to 14 days in the fridge

- Available for pick-up at your local store, when it suits you.


Super Butcher
Dry Age

Super Butcher
Dry Age

Each rack of our dry age is cut from Bass Strait Reserve Grade cattle - this makes for one of our most premium offerings of dry aged ribs, ever!

Bass Strait Reserve Beef Is:

  • - Marble Score 3+
  • - 100% Grass Fed
    - HGP & Antibiotic Free
    - No Added Hormones
    - Free Range

These beautiful OP ribs are perfect as a whole or part-rack roasted in the oven (OP stands for oven prepared, believe it or not!) or reverse seared on the BBQ!

Dry Aged Vintage Beef T-Bone


100% Grass Fed Free Range

Vintage beef is a beef brand comprised of cows matured for a minimum of 60 months, many of these are dairy cows whom graze on grass for their entire life.

Usually, Vintage steaks have the habit of trading a bit of tenderness for their intense flavour, dry age compliments this brand perfectly as it both exponentially increases tenderness and amplifies the already incredibly beefy flavour.

Leaving you with the most delicious, balanced dry aged steak imaginable. You can find Vintage dry aged steaks at all of Neil Perry's Rockpool restaurants.


Zammit Half Ham - Super Butcher |

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How Long should i age for and what weight loss should i expect?


After 30 Days of Dry Aging:

The steak has developed the flavor and texture qualities associated with dry-aged meat: It is very tender, with a flavour we can best describe as a mix of buttered popcorn and rare roast beef. At this point the steak will not increase in tenderness, only flavour. The steak can lose up to 30% of its total weight in the first 30 days.

The meat has begun forming a "pellicle" consisting of good mold and salt which is extracted from the meat along with the water. The crust that develops around the meat protects it in the same way a rind does with cheese.

30 - 60 Days:

The steak continues to gain flavour, it loses a little more weight as salt and moisture is drawn towards the surface. This flavour is much more complex than the mix of popcorn and beef originally achieved, almost indescribable and is generally labelled as"funky" (as with all things dry age - in a good way). It is a quintessential flavour to dry aged meat that cannot be achieved any other way.


What should i expect from a dry aged steak?

The Dry Age Difference

Dry aging adds flavour (think nutty, buttery) texture and tenderness to the final product that you will not be able to achieve in any other way.

During the aging process enzymes break down the connective tissue between the muscle fibre, tenderizing the meat.

At the same time, the cut of meat loses moisture, concentrating the flavour.


How Should i store my steaks?

How Should I Store My Steaks?

When your steaks are cut you will have the option of having them vacuum sealed. Vacuum sealed beef can last up to two weeks in the fridge at a temperature of 2 degrees. Freezing your steaks will not impact the flavour or tenderness a noticeable amount.

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