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Why Shop Online?

The Virtual Butcher Experience

With our Bulk Beef - What You See Is What You Get.
Products are uploaded online from our store so you can shop by look, size and shape just like the real deal!

The Same Great Service

We pride ourselves on our butcher's service in-store. Where we slice, dice and cryovac your meat for free! We've put this into practice online too. Choose slicing options, including how many vacuum sealed portions you would like per bag and how thick you would like them cut!

Fresh Produce

Our online orders are made in-store and taken from our central production processing line. This ensures you receive the freshest product every time you order. All of our beef and much of our chicken, lamb, and pork is vacuum sealed for freshness.


No matter how busy our lives are - we need to eat! Don't let a busy schedule get in the way of eating well. Why settle for a TV dinner when you can have Super Butcher meat delivered to your door? Or order click and collect to drop in whenever suits you.

Score $10* Off Your First Online Shop With 'VIPSB1'

Are you planning a BBQ this weekend? We can deliver the very next day if you shop on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays before 2pm! Plus, score $10 off your next BBQ if you're a first-time customer! You won't regret it.
*New Online Customers Only. Minimum Spend $100.

Spice Up Your Next BBQ

Kosmos Q

BBQ Rubs, Sauces and Injections straight from the USA!

Barbecue Mafia

Local, Brisbane-based BBQ team making a name in the BBQ Rub world

Lanes' BBQ

Our classic range - a huge variety of flavours to suit any dish!

We don't just stock meat! We sell eggs, charcoal, smoking woods, injections, BBQ Rubs, Sauces and more - Everything for the Low'N'Slow BBQ enthusiast!


Our Customers Say

Luke P.

"Excellent product range, with exceptional customer service.... I can’t fault them!"

Our Customers Say

Shai L.

"Excellent quality, great prices and you need protein to help your muscle so what more can you ask for!"


Glenn P.

"Top quality meat and great value for money!"