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From the MDH brand, owned by Australia's prestigious Mcdonald family, Wallumba beef is sourced throughout QLD and aged for a minimum of 21 days before being distributed. This process allows the meat to develop flavour and texture whilst guaranteeing each piece of meat will be tender, juicy and flavoursome.


With a licence to feed 10,000 head, the Wallumba feedlot grain finish the majority of MDH's cattle. Wallumba has changed MDH from a grass finishing to a backgrounding operation, with 90 percent of MDH's cattle being grain finished in the feedlot.


Wallumba, in addition to Nangram has provided significant 'drought proofing' capabilities to the MDH operation insuring cattle can be finished even when the northern properties experience a dry season.

Born and bred on natural pastures across outback QLD covering 3.36 million hectares

Over 175,000 head of cattle across 13 properties

1 family, 6 generations, over 190 years of beef production.

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