36 Degrees South Rib Fillet | $49.99kg

36 Degrees South Rib Fillet | $49.99kg
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36 Degrees South Rib Fillet | $49.99kg

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Rib fillet is tender, juicy and packed full of flavour. These are perfect when cooked medium to medium-rare, being one of the most tender cuts available. The little strip of fat renders down to create an incredibly tasty eating experience. 

The location, 36's‚° South from the equator places the cattle in the heart of South Australia's wine country, so there's no wonder the beef tastes the way it does. A stone's throw from the world-famous Coonawarra region, the hand-selected cattle enjoy the clean climate and luscious pastures that thrive in this unspoiled environment.

Coonawarra is a world-famous wine region; however, it is less well-known that some of the nation's best-quality beef also comes from the surrounding areas. 36º South, aims to put this succulent, tender and full-flavoured beef into the spotlight.

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