Diamantina Angus Rump Cap | $24.99kg

Grade: Diamond

Diamantina Angus Rump Cap | $24.99kg

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These picanha boast great flavour, and even greater texture and are beautiful rotisseried, roasted whole, reverse seared or cut into steaks.

    Country of origin: produced in Australia

    The Diamantina Shire in western Queensland is renowned for producing some of Australia’s finest cattle. Stanbroke’s history, and the history of this famed region, have been intertwined for more than a century. Both are synonymous with exceptional quality beef.

    Diamantina beef is grain fed, handsomely marbled and incredibly well priced. These make melt in your mouth steaks - ask our butchers to separate the rump cap as a roast in your order notes if you would like!

    Taste the Diamantina difference today!

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