35 Day Dry Aged Grass Fed Wagyu OP Ribs MB4 | $34.99kg

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35 Day Dry Aged Grass Fed Wagyu OP Ribs MB4 | $34.99kg
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35 Day Dry Aged Grass Fed Wagyu OP Ribs MB4 | $34.99kg

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These dry aged Grass Fed Wagyu OP Ribs have been in our state of the art dry age room at our Eagle Farm store for 35 days and are looking absolutely magnificent. These will make a great rib roast or have them sliced and try reverse searing them for the ultimate steak.

This product is sold as a whole product, to be dry aged by us in our dry ageing facility. Currently this product is at 35 days of age as at the 06/04/2022. By choosing a pick-up or delivery date in the future, this product will continue to age until the day before your chosen collection date - which will result in a greater aged product. 

By purchasing whole, you are able to secure a premium product at an unbeatable price - however you are also exposed to the loss of weight that can occur due to ageing and trimming of the final product (~40%).

Why Dry Age Beef?

  • Dry aging breaks down collagen over time to create a more tender steak.
  • Draws moisture from the beef and concentrates the meat to create an entirely new flavour profile.
  • Dry aged beef is still juicy when cooked as beef is about 75% water, the process does not remove everything,  just enough to enhance the flavour, similar to reducing a sauce into something wonderful. 
  • Dry aged beef looks and cooks like a regular steak after it has been trimmed and sliced. 

Roam Australian Wagyu was born from the passion of pioneering Wagyu producers, and the vision to create quality, free-roaming Australian Wagyu.

Unlike traditional grain-fed Wagyu, Roam Australian Wagyu is extensively grass-fed and free to roam. This unique combination results in naturally slower maturity which delivers a distinctive Wagyu beef experience time after time.

Roam Australian Wagyu producers are dedicated to breed, raise & nurture Roam cattle in natural outdoor environments and take great pride in delivering quality Australian free-roaming Wagyu from their stations, to your plate.

Please note that we can only pack Beef Steaks and Chicken Breast singularly, all other products have a minimum of 2 pieces or 200 grams per bag unless otherwise

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