Gold Range Beef Chuck Ribs | $14.99kg

  • $37.15 ea.
  • Save $4.95 ea.


Beef chuck ribs come from the front section of a cow, closer to the head than short ribs. This gives them a different shape but they are delicious all the same.

Ribs are a crowd favourite for slow cooking. When done correctly, they will be very flavourful, moist and extremely tender. These ribs are grain fed, giving you the extra marbling you want to render down for an amazing eating experience.

An easy way to cook these ribs is to first rub them with one of our BBQ rubs, we recommend Lanes BBQ Ancho Espresso, then put the ribs on a rack in a roasting pan and place in the oven at 150 degrees celsius for about 3 hours or until they are probe tender. 

Please Note: If selecting a sliced or diced option, the final weight of your product may vary due to trimming, soaker pads and packaging.

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