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Lanes BBQ Sauce Value Pack (Online Only)

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As used by many BBQ Competition teams, caterers and backyard BBQers!

6 x Lane's BBQ sauces in this pack - One of each

Lane€™s BBQ €œKinda Sweet€

sauce tastes just like it sounds. A perfect combination of tangy and a kiss of sweet makes this perfect for all kinds of meats. Pair it with our €œSorta White€ sauce and you have a match made in Heaven.

Lane€™s BBQ €œSorta White€

sauce is a fan favorite! This unique creation is great for beef and chicken, but can also be used as a dressing. Pair it with our €œKinda Sweet€ sauce and you have a match made in Heaven. 

Lane€™s BBQ €œLil Spicy€

Is Kinda Sweet€™s fiesty little brother. The same tangy & sweet flavors you€™ve enjoyed for years now combined with some attitude and spice. It€™s time to turn up the heat, not too much, just a €˜lil.

Lane€™s BBQ €œSouthbound€

Carolina Mustard sauce is Lowcountry-inspired and delivers traditional Carolina flavor with extra attitude. Sweet, tangy and a little spicy, Southbound compliments pork, chicken, & beef. You can even try it as dippingsauce!

Lane€™s BBQ €œItsa Vinegar€

sauce is a modern take on a classic southern favorite. All of the vinegar fans will be licking their chops for days after splashing this all over their BBQ! 

Lane€™s BBQ €œOne Legged Chicken€

buffalo sauce is an explosion of smokey and spicy flavors perfect for wings and all things chicken. Keep a glass of water handy because you€™re gonna need it! 

Please Note: If selecting a sliced or diced option, the final weight of your product may vary due to trimming, soaker pads and packaging.

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