Wagyu Porterhouse MB 2-3 | $69.99kg

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Wagyu Porterhouse MB 2-3 | $69.99kg

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The Porterhouse is prepared from the striploin, and is characterised as a lean but tender cut with a thin top strip of fat for extra taste. The muscles here do little work and thus yield a tender cut of meat making for a fantastic tasting and juicy steak.

Wagyu beef is best cooked to medium to let the fat render down, use a pan instead of a grill to capture the escaping fat and baste your steak in its own juices.

Wagyu is full of finely flecked intramuscular fat - this fat is full of intense flavour, and melts much closer to room temperature than regular fat. This means that less fat makes it into your waist, but all the flavour makes it onto your plate. 

Wagyu fat is also full of monounsaturated fats (the same you'll find in avocado's) which helps to promote good heart health. 

Wagyu strengths include:
- Outstanding beef eating quality
- High marbling, delivering beef tenderness, juiciness and flavour
- Softer fat composition: higher ratio of unsaturated fats providing a healthier beef product
- Finer meat texture

Country of origin: produced in Australia

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