AACo Wagyu Rump MB 2-3 | $36.99kg

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AACo Wagyu Rump MB 2-3 | $36.99kg

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The rump is a boneless five-muscled primal that sits between the sirloin and topside. A great all-rounder steak, rump is usually a little firmer in texture but with this high marble score these should make tender rump steaks which are perfect for a variety of cooking methods.

Wagyu is full of finely flecked intramuscular fat - this fat is full of intense flavour, and melts much closer to room temperature than regular fat.

This means that less fat makes it into your waist, but all the flavour makes it onto your plate. Wagyu fat is also full of monounsaturated fats (the same you'll find in avocado's) which helps to promote good heart health.

Country of origin: produced in Australia

The signature rich marbling, balanced flavour and consistent tenderness of Darling Downs provides a culinary experience for gourmet home cooks who are passionate about food.

From the fine grain to the big, meaty taste, flavour and tenderness is only the beginning of the Darling Downs experience. Every bite of their quality Australian Wagyu tells the story of their land, their farmers and their passion for raising the best. The famous Darling Downs flavour comes from a particular diet, provided to their cattle for at least 330 days, helping take the taste and tenderness of your eating experience up a notch.

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