Wyld Smoke Makin' Bacon Rub 150g

  • $12.50 ea.

Wyld Smoke Rubs are developed for those with an obsession and love of all things BBQ. All their rubs are Australian made and blended by hand.

The Makin Bacon Rub carries notes of aniseed and maple woven into the mix to impart great bold flavour into cured bacon or salt pork.

The Makin Bacon Rub does exactly what it says.....makes bacon!  The rub has been created as a nitrate free bacon cure.  Rub it on, leave for a week, rinse and smoke voilà - BACON! It can also be used as a basic rub or to cure fish.

Even goes great on Ribs or sprinkle a little into mayonnaise to make a great maple sauce

Ingredients: Salt, sugar, fennel, garlic.

Please Note: If selecting a sliced or diced option, the final weight of your product may vary due to trimming, soaker pads and packaging.

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