Great Southern Rib Fillet | $44.99kg

Great Southern Rib Fillet | $44.99kg

  • $160.34 ea.

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Great Southern is the award-winning beef brand you can turn to when you are looking for a high quality and all natural beef product that ticks all the boxes.

100% grass-fed
Antibiotic free
No added hormones
GMO free
JBS farm assured
3rd party audited
JAS ANZ accredited
MSA graded
British and European breeds only, no bos indicus, no dairy.


Rib fillet is the ideal cut to experience Great Southern beef - full of great flavour, and ideal pan fried or cooked on the BBQ. 

Please Note: If selecting a sliced or diced option, the final weight of your product may vary due to trimming, soaker pads and packaging.

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