Super Chef

10 min Prep Time | 4 hours Cook Time
Beef Cheek Ragout
Impress your partner on your next date night with this amazing Beef Cheek Ragout recipe.
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15 min Prep Time | 10 min Cook Time
Smash Burgers
Impress your friends with this surprisingly simple smash burgers recipe inspired for the USA.
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15 min Prep Time | 40 min Cook Time
Cape Grim Rib Fillet W/ Red Wine Reduction
Using mouth watering Cape Grim rib fillet to make a delicious dish pared beautifully with a red wine reduction sauce. 
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25 min Prep Time | 10 min Cook Time
Chicken Rice Poke Bowl
How to make a delicious Asian inspired rice poke bowl. 
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25 min Cook Time
One Skillet Frittata
On Episode 2 of CookemUp, Adam and Gleno cooked the day away - including this delicious one skillet frittata for breakfast. As the old saying goes, to make a frittata - you need to break a few eggs, so make...
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30 min Prep Time | 3:20 hours Cook Time
Iranian Goat Curry With Flat Bread
This recipe is from Episode two of Cookemup which saw our Super Chef Adam and Gleno traversing the QLD outback looking for picturesque locations to set up camp and cook the day away.  To watch Episode 2 on and stream...
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15 min Prep Time | 10 min Cook Time
Grilled Kangaroo, Warm Pumpkin & Feta Salad.
Using Australian proteins to realise their potential is kind of our jam around these parts. Our chef Adam designed this recipe with an emu fillet in mind, and is also interchangeable with a camel steak - but we've gone with...
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1:30 hour Prep Time | 1:40 hour Cook Time
Cook 'Em Up Reverse Seared Rump Cap
If you've never reverse seared a thick cut steak or a whole piece of beef before - this will change your life and the way you cook forever. The process involves baking in an oven, grill or smoker followed by...
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20 min Prep Time | 30 min Cook Time
Cook 'Em Up Skirt Steak Tacos
These tacos are an amazing way to experience what a real Mexican taco is like. They are also a lot classier than the packet mince stuff you are used to on Tuesday nights. They are great for large gatherings at...
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15 min Prep Time | 15 min Cook Time
Cook 'Em Up Bruschetta
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