Pork - All


Pork is a lower cost meat that most of the time is underrated and labelled as lower quality than other meats. This is very untrue - pork is extremely delicious and juicy when cooked correctly using the techniques required for each cut. 

Not to mention the rich, crunchy pork crackling that many pork cuts produce that other meats just can't match.

Pork makes the perfect family roast, using pork loin or pork leg you can produce some magnificent dishes that the whole family will enjoy. 

Pork also has it's low and slow applications. Try smoking some pork belly to slice into tender strips, pork Boston butt (shoulder) or pork scotch fillet for some tasty pulled pork or a traditional German pork knuckle for an eye catching dish that's cheap yet mouth-watering.

For a quick and easy pork dinner, try some crumbed pork schnitzels in a shallow pan of oil, or throw some pork chops on the BBQ for a Sunday arvo gathering. Whatever it is you are cooking for, there is a pork solution for you.

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