Beef and Ale Stew with Nana’s Dumplings

Just like Nana made, this Beef and Ale Stew with Nana's dumplings is a one-pot wonder that's just as good in a camp oven on the side of the road as it is in a Dutch oven at home.

What's The Best Beef For Slow Cooking?

Chuck steak is part of the chuck primal from the shoulder section of the cow, we love to use chuck steak because it is inexpensive, full of flavour and melts down beautifully when cooked low and slow.

Combined with all the flavour you'll find in this recipe, this should melt in your mouth and be absolutely delicious. 

Stew With Dumplings? 

Depending who you ask, a dumpling stew will either be a part of their family for generations - or they've never heard of it! While this isn't your traditional Asian dumpling, these are more akin to scones in taste and texture. 

The beauty of a dumpling in a stew is the underside soaks up all of the flavours of the broth, while the top hardens in the oven and develops a delicious crunchy texture.

A dumpling stew truly is a meal in itself and one of the world's first true one pot wonders. 

Let Super Chef take you on a journey and watch the video here:

Or find Super Chef's full beef and ale stew recipe below! 


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