Red Gum Creek

A brand from our diamond range.

Red gum creek beef landscape and steak photograph.
Red Gum Creek Beef

It is truly what sets Red Gum Creek beef apart from the competition, but what
makes their premium beef unique is our commitment to sourcing only free range
and European breed cattle such as Angus and Hereford that are free of added
hormones and antibiotics for our brand. Eating quality is guaranteed and underpinned by strict company specifications and grading techniques, in conjunction with Meat Standards Australia (MSA) –
Australia’s eating quality standard – to guarantee a tender, juicy and
flavourful eating experience, our beef is perfectly suited to those who appreciate quality without the need for unnecessary and unnatural additives
such as hormones and antibiotics.


Lucious Pastures

Raised on the verdant free-range pastures of Victoria and southern New
South Wales, free from any added hormones or antibiotics.

Grass Fed, Grain Finished

Their beef is grass fed,
and then grain finished. This gives the perfect balance between a nuanced and
complex flavour profile from grass diet, and a rich marbling from grain finish.

Only The Finest Cattle

Their cattle are sourced
from predominantly British and European breeds such as Angus & Hereford.
These breed types excel in this part of Australia and are well known for high
marbling, rich flavour and exceptional eating quality.

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