Bodacious Beef Recipes

The Perfect Smoked Brisket
COOKING BRISKET TO PERFECTION WITH LANES BBQ Cooking a Brisket is often a daunting task in theory, however once you know the motions it is rather quite easy. Follow these fool proof steps to make great barbecue brisket. Click Here for our range...
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Corned Beef Pastrami
We've cracked the code to making one of the best sandwich meats you could dream of - Pastrami! And it's easier than you think. Super Butcher Pastrami can be made entirely with products from our store, and requires a Smoker...
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1:30 hour Prep Time | 1 hour Cook Time
Bodacious Skirt Steak & Shiraz Pie
We're in our element as butchers and cooks when it comes to taking cheap cuts and elevating them into something delicious. After all, a cheap secondary cut of meat from a quality beast is already miles ahead of what we...
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3 hours Prep Time | 10 min Cook Time
Bodacious Bolar Blade Roast
A great roast beef can make or break family dinner, as it's a working muscle it is naturally tough yet packed full of flavour. That's why we focus on our cooking methods, and let simple flavour combinations do their job...
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45 min Prep Time | 60 min Cook Time
Bodacious Beef Wellington
The centerpiece of your Christmas Lunch, Dinner or a late, late Breakfast – Beef Wellington is classic, traditional and an absolute showstopper when done correctly.
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