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Silver Fern Beef

A brand from our diamond range

Grass-fed means something different in New Zealand.

In New Zealand, the climate, clean air and plentiful pure water fuels year-round growth of lush, green pastures.

The animals are raised year-round, on this pasture, with access if needed to conserved forages like hay and silage.

It also means that they have been raised with the ability to wander and graze freely. The animals can eat and live as they would naturally – reducing stress and promoting better animal welfare.

Delicious starts in New Zealand, a land like no other

From a place where animals can be raised as nature intended and one of the few places in the world where grass-fed farming can reach its true potential

Resourceful and determined, Silver Fern Farmers work hard all year round to ensure together they produce some of the best red meat in the world

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