Black Onyx Beef

Black Onyx

A brand from our Platinum range.

Black Onyx Beef
The Marbled Beef

Black Onyx is the beef you hear tales about - it's what chefs love to use, and television programs are made from (it's just that photogenic). Black Onyx beef is graded at marble score 3+ - raised in the New England tablelands it is known for a consistently delicious mouthfeel, incredible tenderness and an unforgettable flavour.

A Rangers Valley brand, whom produce some of the best wagyu in the country. We are ecstatic to be able to provide this premium beef for our customers.


Pure = Superior Taste

Real, pure black onyx has a superior beefy taste - Black Onyx are bred from pure Black Angus dam's and sires for a guaranteed pedigree unlike no other.

Long Fed = Fine Marbling

Black Onyx cattle are fed for a minimum of 270+ days on some of Australia's finest grain. This allows Black Onyx cattle to grow at a slow, natural rate.

Guaranteed MB3+

Black Onyx beef is regularly assessed and guaranteed to be MB3+

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