Cape Grim

A brand from our platinum range.

An Area Unlike Any On Earth

In Tasmania's northwest corner, specifically 40° 41’  south, world famous Roaring Forties winds whip away any trace of pollution as they blow across the Southern Ocean.

With lungs full of clean air and bellies filled with the region's superior pasture, Cape Grim's British breeds of cattle have earned their reputation for producing premium-grade beef, sought after by butchers and chefs who have built their careers on choosing the best products and letting quality speak for itself.

Certified Non-GMO Project

Cape Grim Beef was the first Australian brand to be certified by the USA based NON-GMO protocol

A proud part of the never ever beef program

The never ever beef program guarantees:
- 100% grass fed beef with no grain - ever.
- antibiotic free beef - forever
- No hormone growth promotants - ever

Certified Humane

Cape Grim was the first Australian brand to receive the certficiation. The certified humane label assures consumers that animals are raised in accordance to the highest welfare standards.

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