Brisket is perfect for smoking low & slow over flavoured wood and slicing into moist strips for burgers, BBQ boxes and family feasts. 

Brisket is a very large cut of meat from lower chest of a cow. It is one of the nine beef primal cuts and one of the four main barbecue meats. Brisket is a relatively tough piece of meat compared to your everyday steak. This is due to the amount of work this part of the cow does during its lifetime, thus requiring long, slow cooking methods to break down the brisket creating very tender, extremely delicious meat.

Brisket is known to be one of the tastiest low & slow cuts available and when cooked correctly can be extremely rewarding. Following a step by step recipe is the easiest way to achieve perfection with brisket.

You can view our easy to follow Brisket recipe here: How To Smoke The Perfect Brisket

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