Gourmet Granny's Gravy


Discover the Richness of Gourmet Granny's Gravy Collection

Introducing Gourmet Granny's Gravy Collection, where culinary delight meets unparalleled taste. Indulge in the ultimate gravy experience, crafted with passion and perfected with love. Each variant in this collection offers a symphony of flavours, elevating your dishes to new heights.

Savour the classic goodness of our Traditional Gravy, meticulously prepared with a rich and savoury base that pairs harmoniously with roast meats and hearty meals. For those seeking a touch of indulgence, our Creamy Mushroom Gravy boasts a velvety texture, infused with real mushrooms for an earthy delight that complements any dish.

Take your taste buds on a journey with our delectable Peppercorn Gravy, delicately blended with peppercorns for a delightful kick of spice. Seeking something bolder? Discover the luscious depth of our Red Wine Gravy, masterfully crafted with the finest wines for a truly gourmet experience.

At Gourmet Granny's, they prioritize quality and authenticity, crafting their gravies with premium ingredients and no added artificial colours or preservatives. Embrace the convenience of ready-to-serve gravies, providing you with effortless and mouth-watering flavour in every pour.

Treat yourself to the taste of excellence with Gourmet Granny's Gravy Collection. Elevate your meals to culinary masterpieces with the unrivalled richness and flavour that only Gourmet Granny's can deliver. Experience the art of gravy-making at its finest and bring joy to your table with every savoury spoonful.

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