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The Best Spit Pigs In Town

Everybody loves a pig on a spit. Roasting a whole pig is actually much easier than it looks and extremely satisfying when you finally get to carve up the huge feast after its done. Unless you have your own spit you'll have to rent one, we can't help you with that side of things but we sure can help you with the most important part; the pig!

At Super Butcher we can happily supply you with pigs at the perfect size for spit roasting, which is between 16kg and 19kg for $340 and between 20kg and 25kg which will cost you $370.

Spit pigs are sold at a set per unit price, so you will pay the same price no matter the weight within the weight range. We will try to get a pig as close to the weight you require as possible but there can be slight variations depending on our suppliers stock.

Spit pigs are strictly pick-up only and need to be paid for before collection. We can arrange pick-up at any one of our stores on your chosen day, please call the relevant store you wish to collect from. For same week collection, orders must be placed by Monday afternoon at the latest.

If you need more information, want to place an order or have any questions please don't hesitate to ask by calling you local store.


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