Lee Pratt Beef

Lee Pratt Beef

A brand from our gold range.

Lee pratt farm photo
Lee Pratt Beef

Lee Pratt Beef is an established meat processing and marketing company based in Lismore, New South Wales, Australia.

Lee Pratt Beef is committed to animal welfare and the management of an efficient supply chain to ensure premium quality and consistency in all their beef products.

Lee Pratt beef is committed to humane handling of livestock throughout the supply chain. It is an ethical responsibility but they also know that it produces a superior end product for the consumer.



Operating since early the
1980s, the Lee Pratt Beef brand has a solid reputation in the domestic and international market.

AMIC Accredited

The Australian Meat Industry Council is the peak
council that represents meat processors and is committed to the highest level
of animal welfare and the humane treatment of livestock.

Quality Assurance

They source their livestock from producers who value low stress handling of livestock, with an emphasis on genetic selection,
nutrition and animal husbandry.

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