Oktoberfest Recipes

10 min Prep Time | 55 min Cook Time
Knackwurst & Cheese Brekky Boat
You'll never have cereal again after these delicious brekky boats.
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5 min Prep Time | 10 min Cook Time
Fine Liverwurst and Brie Toasted Baguette
Looking for a quick snack or something to impress at afternoon tea? This is the recipe for you!
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10 min Prep Time | 30 min Cook Time
Grilled Cheese Kransky Burrito
Everyone loves a hearty burrito, even more so when it's filled with your favourite Kransky.
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15 min Prep Time | 90 min Cook Time
German Bratwurst & Mushroom Pie
There’s nothing cozier than tucking in to a home-made pie to warm the soul.
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