Black Opal Wagyu Beef


Experience the Unforgettable Excellence of Black Opal Wagyu

Indulge in the tender, juicy, and buttery flavours that define Black Opal Wagyu, the pinnacle of Australian wagyu beef. When you choose Black Opal, there are no surprises - our customers trust Black Opal because they know they will receive wagyu that consistently exceeds their expectations.

Their long-term approach to producing Black Opal Wagyu starts with cattle raised on the pristine pastures of Victoria and Tasmania. These carefully selected animals then spend a minimum of 380 days on a specialized grain diet in their dedicated feedlots. This meticulous process ensures the perfect balance of marbling, tenderness, and flavour in every cut.

From breeding to processing, the entire Black Opal journey is meticulously managed to guarantee a consistent supply of Australia's finest wagyu beef, available all year round. Black Opal take pride in offering products with guaranteed, verifiable provenance, providing you with the assurance of quality and satisfaction in every bite.

Choose Black Opal Wagyu for an unparalleled dining experience that will leave a lasting impression. Discover the taste of excellence today.

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