Bodacious Bolar Blade Roast

A great roast beef can make or break family dinner, as it's a working muscle it is naturally tough yet packed full of flavour. That's why we focus on our cooking methods, and let simple flavour combinations do their job and elevate the already supremely beefy taste. 

The blade roast is from the shoulder blade area. It’s made up of several muscles containing layers of fat and connective tissue. This tasty cut is best roasted whole, allowing the connective tissue to break down and impart a full-bodied flavour while tenderizing the meat. The blade roast can also be diced for slow cooking.

Internal Temperature

While we are able to give you a general guide of how long to cook your roast (approximately 1 hour plus 45 minutes per kg), it is best to cook to an internal temperature. 

As a roast will rise by up to 5 degrees in temperature while resting, we recommend cooking your roast to a temperature of 60 degrees at its thickest point. This will rise to a perfect medium, which is what is necessary for rendered fat and a tender end product.