Bodacious Skirt Steak & Shiraz Pie

We're in our element as butchers and cooks when it comes to taking cheap cuts and elevating them into something delicious. After all, a cheap secondary cut of meat from a quality beast is already miles ahead of what we used to buy from the supermarkets.

We like to take the same approach with the wine we use to cook, while you're never going to open something from the cellar downstairs to make a pie - we use a wine we're happy to drink the rest of the bottle from. Leaving a bottle just for cooking will quickly turn it into sour vinegar, so finish that bad boy off ASAP. 

This recipe is nice and easy, don't be daunted by the steps - by using store bought pastry it's simple a case of making the filling and sandwiching it (delicately) between two layers of pastry. We use puff for the lid because it's delicate and flakey, while short crust pastry is sturdier and works better as a base. 

When working with pastry, make sure you take it out of the freezer right before you cut the shapes out. This recipe makes enough for 4 small 100g pies, or one larger 400g monster. 

Skirt Steak & Shiraz Pies