Corned Beef Pastrami

We've cracked the code to making one of the best sandwich meats you could dream of - Pastrami! And it's easier than you think. Super Butcher Pastrami can be made entirely with products from our store, and requires a Smoker (Charcoal, gas or pellet) to be authentic. But you can try your hand with the trusty Oven if you don't mind missing out on the smoke. 

To get into this recipe first we need to answer your two big questions:

What is Corned Beef?

The term "corned beef" refers to beef that has been preserved through salt-curing. We use a wet cure injected into the meat for efficiency, food safety and moisture. 

The salt in this cure changes the structure of the beef, morphing its texture and enhancing the flavour of the beef. Corned beef is usually boiled or baked, but pastrami has taken this one step further. 

What is Pastrami?

Introduced by various cultures into the States in the 1900's, Pastrami's origins were similar to Corned Beef's - created to avoid expiry on long journeys and throughout the World Wars. These days, Pastrami is popular in American deli's and sandwich shops as a cold cut - the main difference between pastrami and corned beef being the addition of herbs and in most modern cases, being smoked for flavour. 

How do I make Pastrami? 

We've made it simple for you! We sell Corned Briskets in-store, and our friends at Jackalope Trading Co have the quintessential Spice Rub for it - aptly named their Pastrami Rub. We recommend treating this just like smoking a brisket, washing some of the salt off before cooking is optional.


What You'll Need

Having these right tools and a plan is key to making the perfect Brisket. Here are some must have tools and things to consider before your journey.

· Blaze Thermometer (Instant read thermometer)

· Carving knife (Keep it sharp, you don't want to lose any of that bark you’ve spent hours creating.

. Jackalope Pastrami Rub

· Cutting board (Concave cutting board will help keep all the juices on the board and off the table)

· Time - Don't be last minute (Give yourself enough time to achieve the ultimate brisket)

Step 1) 

Unpack your corned brisket from it's packaging and submerge it in a bowl of water for at least 3 hours in the fridge. Changing the water every hour. This is optional, but sometimes the heavily salty flavour without soaking can be overpowering.

Step 2) 

Apply a coating of American Mustard or Olive Oil as a binder and rub Generously in Jackalope's Pastrami Rub. We make sure we cover every crevice with that unbelievable flavour. 

Step 3) Set your pit temp to a minimum of 250f (120 degrees celcius) - fluctuations in temperature here are not as impactful on a regular brisket due to the moisture injection - so you can cook as hot as 300f (150c) if you are in a hurry. 

Step 4) Smoke until the internal temperature is at least 160f (about 71 degrees celcius) - from here you can wrap in Pink Butchers Paper (we sell this in-store) or Alfoil.

This wrapping method is called the Texas Crutch and helps the brisket cook quicker while retaining more moisture. We recommend using a double sheet base to ensure no juice leaks throughout the rest of the cook.

We add some butter and beef stock to the wrap - but any liquid will do. 

Step 5) After you have wrapped your brisket up in your material of choice - place it back in the smoker (or oven at this point - as it's no longer receiving any smoke) at the same temperature until cooked to your liking. 

We recommend cooking until about 210f Internal (90 degrees celcius) or until you can push a probe or skewer through with absolutely no resistance - it will feel like a hot knife through butter. Every brisket behaves differently and is finished at a different internal temperature. We absolutely recommend cooking to time and temp. 

Step 6)

Rest the meat in an esky, or in the oven on keep warm for at least one hour. Slice into thin strips against the grain. Eat hot or chill and use for sandwiches for the week