Multi Baked Dog Biscuits 1kg

Multi Baked Dog Biscuits 1kg

  • $7.49 ea.

Australian Pet Treats Baked biscuits are slowly oven-baked to preserve the natural meat flavors with a crunchy texture your dog will love.

Keep a pack in your cupboard for anytime your dog deserves a flavorful reward, or anytime you want to get his tail wagging for a delicious snack. As an added bonus – the crunchy texture also helps to remove plaque and tartar build up and clean your dog’s teeth as he chews. Suitable for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, Beef meal, Chicken meal, Kangaroo meal, Liver powder, tallow, Sugar, Salt, Lysine, Carmine Amino acids, Potassium sorbate.

Please Note: If selecting a sliced or diced option, the final weight of your product may vary due to trimming, soaker pads and packaging.

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