Kiwami Wagyu Beef


Kiwami, meaning Outstanding Excellence, represents Stockyard's finest selection of Wagyu beef. Handpicked to deliver an unparalleled dining experience, Kiwami Wagyu embodies the perfect combination of silky flavors, remarkable tenderness, tantalizing taste, and succulent juiciness that will surpass all expectations.

Each Kiwami Wagyu cut is meticulously chosen from cattle with the most exceptional Japanese Wagyu pedigree. Independent graders rigorously evaluate Stockyard Wagyu carcasses, ensuring they meet the highest standards of excellence in terms of exquisite marbling (Mb 9 plus), impeccable presentation, and delightful texture.

Prepare to indulge in some of Australia's finest Wagyu beef, as Kiwami surpasses all expectations. Elevate your culinary journey with the epitome of Wagyu excellence that only Kiwami can offer.

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