Ready To Dry Age


After 30 Days:


The steak has developed the flavor and texture qualities associated with dry-aged meat: It is very tender, with a flavour we can best describe as a mix of buttered popcorn and rare roast beef. At this point the steak will not increase in tenderness, only flavour. The steak can lose up to 30% of its total weight in the first 30 days.


The meat has begun forming a "pellicle" consisting of good mold and salt which is extracted from the meat along with the water. The crust that develops around the meat protects it in the same way a rind does with cheese.


30 - 60 Days:


The steak continues to gain flavour, it loses a little more weight as salt and moisture is drawn towards the surface. This flavour is much more complex than the mix of popcorn and beef originally achieved, almost indescribable and is generally labelled as"funky" (as with all things dry age - in a good way). It is a quintessential flavour to dry aged meat that cannot be achieved any other way.


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