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Our Brands Small

Our Beef Grading Chart

Platinum Range

The best of the best! Our platinum range is the epitome of mouth feel, flavour and tenderness. Typically highly marbled, highly sought after and always in short supply.

Diamond Range

Comprised of Australia's finest beef bred to the highest standards, usually reserved for export. These prestigious cuts are generally aged for up to 6 weeks and are tender, full of flavour and primed for a dinner party or special occasion.

Gold Range 

Mouth-watering yet still affordable enough to eat week-to-week. If you're a discerning carnivore with a taste for the high-life, but don't want all the bells and whistles - you're a gold shopper!

Silver Range

We work closely with Australian farmers to bring you quality beef derived from rich pastures. You'll find our silver range a perfect combination of delicious and affordable


Bronze Range

Designed for the budget conscious household where your dollar stretches further. Great value for money.

Shopping branded beef has never been easier - taste the difference today!

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