Power of the wood pellet


Z Grills wood pellet smoker grills provide the great flavour and cooking versatility that wood grilling provides but with the ease of a gas BBQ.


Wood pellets burn very cleanly so are an extremely efficient fuel source.


Easy to use


The Z Grills range of wood pellet smoker grills are so easy to use.  


Turn the power switch, turn the dial to SMOKE and once the fire has ignited set the desired temperature and the grill does the rest.  


Smart automatic control


The smart controller monitors the temperature in the grill chamber, adjusting both the amount of pellets fed into the fire-pot from the hopper and the airflow to the fire.


You can cook meat for hours and hours without needing to tend to the fire or adjust settings. Z Grills deliver true Set and Forget operation!


Enjoy time with family and friends why the Z Grill does the work for you.


Versatile cooking


Z Grills are the ultimate backyard cooking tool, able to cook a wide variety of foods.


Cook low ‘n’ slow to impart a smokey flavour to food and get amazing results for American style BBQ favourites like ribs and briskets. Roast pork, lamb and beef are amazing and even smoke homemade bacon.


The Z Grill can also operate like convection (fan-forced) oven with a maximum temperature of 232oC and no smokey flavour. So you can cook cakes, bread, biscuits, and literally anything you would do in your home oven.

Easy clean up


Z Grills are also easy to keep clean. The grease tray is sloped so that excess oil runs into a bucket for easy removal. Cover the tray with foil to make cleaning even easier.


The pellets burn so cleanly that only teaspoons of ash remain after hours of cooking and can be removed in seconds with a vacuum. The grill racks are ceramic coated making cleaning easy without lots of scrubbing.

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