Side Of Lamb (Approx 12.5kg) | $14.99kg - Super Butcher |

Side Of Lamb (Approx 12.5kg) | $14.99kg

  • $187.37 ea.

Please contact us to arrange your next available delivery date before placing an order for this product. 

Please note that the weight of this item may vary, if the final product is below the total weight (as a whole) by over 500g we will refund you the difference. If it is over, you will not be charged any additional fees. 

Buying in bulk has never been easier! Order a whole side of lamb for store pick-up or delivery. Please note, this will come with a range of cuts including:

Shoulder, Ribs (Cutlets), Loin, Leg, Hind Shank, 1/4 Shank, Lamb Ribs, Trim.



Please Note: If selecting a sliced or diced option, the final weight of your product may vary due to trimming, soaker pads and packaging.

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