We're burning the old Super Butcher down!

It’s time to rise like a phoenix.

To officially transition from old to new – we’re closing all Super Butcher stores for the WHOLE DAY on Monday the 29th November to work on our team, our culture and to have fun!

And before you ask - yes, we're paying everybody for it!

While this closure will pose some short-term challenges, we’re incredibly excited – because the why means everything to us.

The Why

Because our team’s happiness means the most to us...

Some of you may know that our business was sold just under 12 months ago, changing hands from the Mcdonald family to the now captain of our ship, Damian Hall.

A Super Butcher shopper for years before becoming an owner, Damian was in talks several times to purchase his local store – Oxenford from the Mcdonald family who wouldn’t split them. After a few more years of tomahawks on the Weber, working on his other successful ventures and patiently waiting – Damian finally unleashed his inner carnivore and bought the whole bloody thing!

You might not have noticed this sale either – because on the outside, we have been business as usual ever since. Our business model was thriving, our loyal customers loved the quality of our products and the service we provided - there was nothing to change there.

What needed to change was inside, we needed to make it fun. Damian once said to us:

 “I have a rule in my life, if it’s not fun – I won’t do it.” 

Which is why our company's purpose starts with, “We come to work to have fun.”

It ends with our mission to become the Number 1 Local Employer of Choice in Southeast Queensland. This mission has quickly become our entire company's vision, as well as our passion to serve 500,000 locals every year

Now it is time to take our entire team on the next step of the journey with us - so we can focus on them, their needs and their happiness inside and outside of work. 

This is why we are closing our stores, for our people, for the first time ever - Monday the 29th of November. We're calling it Phoenix Day, as we burn down the Super Butcher of old, and recreate the business that we all really want to be a part of in its place.

A business where fun is encouraged, where we own our wins and losses - a place where our employees love to come to work and others are chomping at the bit to be a part of. 

We're committed to being the best we can be, and we have set ourselves on a journey that we're so excited to bring both our staff, and our customers on as we work towards our new found goals. 

We thank you for your understanding for this disruption to our regular service schedule, but we can assure you that it will be worth it and that you will only love to be a Super Butcher shopper even more in the days, weeks, months and years to come. 

What This Means For You

When this idea was first floated, we thought it was unprecedented, we thought it was bold - but we knew it had to happen. This will affect our regular trade in the following ways: 

  • No stores will be open for Retail Trade on Monday 29th November
  • Online Orders will not be available for delivery or pick-up 29th November, 30th November
  • Our warehouse will not be open to receive deliveries Monday 29th November