Buffalo Wings

Game Day Buffalo Wings Recipe

Whether It's the big game, you've got 10 friends on their way to your house and you need something to throw together fast that still tastes great; or you have to feed the family something quick, easy and delicious tonight - buffalo wings are the ultimate crowd pleaser.

While it's easier to buy pre-marinated wings, or to just pour some "buffalo sauce" on top, we find that cutting your own sauce will give you the glistening, shiny wings you see on Superbowl ads and will make you forget all about your team losing 3 State of Origin games in a row. 

Should you Fry or Bake Buffalo Wings? 

Remember the Old El Paso ad where the presumably Spanish girl asks "porque no los dos?" (Why don't we have both?) - this is it. 

Baking buffalo wings to par cook them, slowly render out the fat and push some of their moisture out will give you the CRISPIEST wings you could ever imagine. A quick flour dredge helps too, but we absolutely recommend the pre-bake (this ensures a good, even cook as well). 

 And without further ado - check out our newly famous Buffalo Wing recipe below.