Chicken Fried Steak

The best Southern Chicken Fried Steak recipe is fried to golden perfect and topped with a creamy pan-sauce full of flavour.

Passed down through generations and now through entire continents, this couldn't remain a Southern USA secret forever!

But what does "Chicken Fried" really mean? Well, there's no chicken about it. It's simply steak cooked just like Southern Fried chicken is - it's not like a crumbed schnitzel, and has an amazing texture to it. It's simply something that needs to be tried to be believed! 

Tips to Succullent Success

Season, Season, Season! 

While you should be layering flavour in everything you do, much of it starts with simple salt and pepper.

By seasoning the steaks before you dredge them, seasoning the flour you dredge them with and then seasoning the sauce you're pairing with - you're ensuring flavour punches through the heaviness of the fry taking the beefiness with it. 

Seasoned steak

Coat Evenly

It can be easy to run ahead of yourself and try to rush this recipe (especially if you're cooking for a family) - but to ensure this cooks evenly and isn't particularly floury or burned, ensure you're coating your steak evenly with the flour mixture and there are not any noticeable clumps. 

Coated Steak with flour

Fry Low

While your oil should be hot enough to bubble when a little flour is added, ensure it is not taken too high. You want your steak to cook evenly and throughout before it starts to burn. 

Chicken Fried Steak