Gourmet Granny's Beef Stroganoff

Super Butcher Eye Fillet Tails make the best stroganoff! Using lean, tender eye fillet makes this recipe easy and quick!

We've all had a granny and she has probably made a stroganoff for us once or twice in our lives.. I always used to dream of recreating it at home, but never quite made it.

Then we found Gourmet Granny's and knew we had to have it in our stores!

We will tell you 99% of the time to steer clear of a packet mix as the flavour usually isn't there, but Gourmet Granny's secret ingredients - just like our granny's before her makes this unrecognizable as a packet mix.

We recommend Eye Fillet Tails for this recipe as they are much cheaper than regular eye fillet, barely more expensive than your regular cuts of stir-fry beef. They are also incredibly tender and only take a couple of minutes to cook when cut into strips (our butchers can do this for you). 


Stroganoff Ingredients .gif