Guanciale Linguine Carbonara

While many may tell you that eggs are the unsung hero of a traditional carbonara, we believe that it's the meat you choose. Making the correct choice in what meat to add to your carbonara is essential to the dish as it also flavours the sauce your pasta is coated with. 

We choose Guanciale, as not only is it the traditional choice it is also without a doubt the most delicious. The salty, fatty flavours from guanciale marry perfectly with the slender pasta and is absorbed so gorgeously by the cream. If you don't have guanciale on hand - you can find it at your local Super Butcher store or substitute for pancetta or bacon. 

We don't use eggs in this iteration of the Italian classic - while it is not traditional by many standards - it's bloody delicious and just as easy. If you're wishing we used eggs, you probably already know how to make it (the Roman way).
 While the classic Roman recipes generally call for eggs, guanciale, percorino - we've made this the Super Butcher way with cream instead of eggs, garlic and a dash of white wine. 

We know you'll love it.