Pleasing Pork Rack & Apple, Tomato Chutney

A thyme seasoned, perfectly salted pork rack is the perfect building block to layer with flavour.

We've paired this with an easy to make chutney (chop, into the pot and reduce) that's an unforgettable combination of sweet and savoury with just a hint of spice. 

Pork Racks: 

A criminally underrated cut of pork, pork racks are ideal for roasting as the bone acts as a heatsink allowing the flesh to cook evenly and raise in temperature slowly meaning jucier meat. 

We're using a moisture infused pork rack today, which means the meat has been injected with a mix not dissimiliar to a brine - which adds flavour and juiciness. 

Tied Roasts

These roasts are best trussed (tied with butchers twine) to keep the meat close together, ensuring an even cook. Our butchers are always happy to do this for you, if you're ordering online just add this to your order notes. 

pork rack trussed

Feel free to score your rack to ensure the salt and flavour can penetrate the fat. 


A rough chop on your onions is essential here, as this will constitute the "Chunkiness" of the chutney as it reduces. If you want something closer to a more watery sauce, cut your onions finer. But a chutney is the perfect consistency to coat the meat and add body. 



A long time ago there was a turning point in the advice on cooking pork, it no longer needs to be well done to be safe to eat. As the standards of farms and producers (in Australia, at least) has increased dramatically - the risk of contaminants that cause serious illness and the diseases that were major worries at the time are no longer prevalent. 

Pork is perfectly fine to be eaten blushing (around medium) and is far juicier than a bland, grey, well-done piece. That being said - cook it how you like! 

Pork Cutlets