Skirt Steak Tacos

Skirt steak is an authentic South American cut of beef, used for everything from tacos to a classic steak itself! This cut is full of flavour, and due to its lesser known nature is much cheaper than your regular cut of beef. 

Important Tips:

When cooking skirt steak, it is imperative you slice it against the grain.

In the photo above, you can see that the muscle fibers run from left to right. By cutting against the grain, we want to cut through the fibers and shorten them, rather than cut in the same direction that they run. This makes it easier to chew through, since a lot of the hard work of breaking up the muscle fibers has already been done for you.

Slicing meat with the grain (or in the same direction as the muscle fibers), however, leaves you with a chewier piece of meat, one that could have been more tender if it was just sliced differently.


As a secondary cut, instead of intramuscular fat you will find most of Skirt Steaks fat on the outside of the meat. This fat can be masking the presence of gristle, we recommend trimming as much of it off as possible for this recipe. Skirt steak is flavourful enough without needing to rely on its fat for flavour.