Stockyard Angus Beef


At Stockyard, thier unwavering commitment is to deliver the utmost quality products and exceptional customer service that consistently surpasses customer expectations. They take pride in their Kerwee Feedlot, strategically located in the renowned Darling Downs region of south-east Queensland. This area is renowned for its abundant supply of high-quality grain and pristine water sources.

With a focus on animal welfare, their feedlot provides a clean and stress-free environment for the cattle, while also ensuring the sustainability of the surrounding eco-system. Their cattle are nourished with a well-balanced diet comprising nutritious steam flaked grains and other locally sourced feed products, guaranteeing their optimal health and well-being.

Stockyard has earned global acclaim for its exceptional eating quality, unwavering consistency, and stringent food safety standards. Their success stems from their strong vertical integration within the beef supply chain, encompassing cattle breeding and raising, lot feeding, processing, and marketing. This integration enables them to maintain strict control over every aspect of production, ensuring that only the finest quality beef reaches their discerning customers.

Experience the Stockyard difference and savour the excellence that comes from their commitment to quality, sustainability, and a seamless supply chain. We invite you to discover the exceptional taste and unrivalled standards that make Stockyard a name synonymous with excellence in the beef industry.

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