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You know that epic feeling of being part of your local team? The comraderie, the support, the feeling of wanting to do your best not only for yourself but for everyone else around you. That’s what our team is. Every morning our team taps the "Let’s Make It Fun” sign on the way out of the staff room and into the store.

You will want to join us as the new owner, Damian really does put people before profits and even paid everyone to shut the shops and attend a super fun company culture day! He is committed to building out an employee benefits program that helps you have more money in your back pocket and even gives you the support you need to grow in all aspects of your life! 

You will love working with our Head Coach (aka GM) Joel, he started on the clean up floor before working his way up from Apprentice Butcher to where he is now. So you see he has literally been in your boots and knows what it’s like, he loves butchering, he loves his team and he is loving turning Super Butcher into the number one place to work in South East Queensland.

On top of all of this we pride ourselves on providing the best branded beef in Australia and we are obsessed with serving 500,000 locals every year so you will always be stoked to say you are a part of the Super Butcher team!

YOUR MISSION when you choose to accept it….

Your number one priority is to live our company Purpose every day! What is that? It's simply: 

“We come to work to have fun, know our stuff and beef is our passion.”

This means you have to commit to your part of making the workplace the best damn place to work and being the best damn butcher you possibly can be! Simple!

On an average day, you’ll be tasked with

  • Being a SUPER butcher (don't worry we will coach you to be the best in the industry!)
  • Knowing your stuff - so you can give customers the best advice and product recommendations
  • Serving customers with the biggest smile you can muster


We have epic stores and amazing teams popping up all over Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Our team vibe is more than just some fun marketing words, it’s also incorporated into our company values, and lived out each and every day by our coaching department (head office), and our all stars (butchers, shop assistants, and clean-up crew). To give you an idea of what this might look like, we’ve broken it down below. 

These are the virtues that guide our team to victory each season:


  • No d***head policy |  | We have spent the past year creating an epic atmosphere for our teams, and making sure that our teams are filled with amazing humans. In order to make sure we keep this level high morale and teamwork we do not accept behaviour that in the real world would get someone called a jerk
  • Ask A Better Question | We believe we can create a better experience for everyone by asking better questions. Be the person to drive change and get better answers, in order to get better results. 
  • Walk The Walk | This is about stepping up and being a role model to the community. Whether it’s providing great meat recommendations from your personal experience of trying the products, or showing up and giving 100% to the team. 
  • Have Fun, Get It Done | It’s your choice to come into work everyday so why don’t we make it fun? There’s no point doing something we hate, so we show up to work with a competitive spirit, ready to get it done but also have a laugh and a smile while we do it. 
  • Better Together | Not only does this apply to being there for each other as team players, but also being there to support our community. Our communities are our customers and we want to make sure we give back wherever possible, because we are better together. 
  • Let’s Talk About It | This is all about developing our team. If they want to try something new we want to hear about it. If they want to progress in their career we want to hear about it. This is all about open communication and connection within the team so that each and every person feels safe to show up as themselves at work. 
  • Honestly, we don’t do dishonesty | At Super Butcher we have a zero tolerance policy for lying, cheating, or any other form of dishonesty. 
  • Own it | We believe in standing up for what you believe in, celebrating your wins, celebrating yourself and not blaming others when things go wrong. 

We also have team celebrations decided on by each store based on what they want to do. 


To join this SUPER team you will need to 

  • Be a Butcher! We are accepting applications from apprentices to Leading Butcher, 2IC and Store Managers
  • Have a great attitude
  • The desire to do better in life
  • Commit to being yourself and having FUN at work


All you have to do is "APPLY NOW" AND answer the following questions:

1. What does being a team player mean to you?

2. Where you live and how far you are willing to travel to get to work?

3. Where did you hear about us?

We can't wait to see your application :)

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