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At Super Butcher, we offer a complete branded beef shopping experience, this means you can expect consistency in quality, taste and tenderness across our entire range.

Why Choose Branded Beef?


Knowing the farm your meat comes from gives you an assurance that anything you buy from that farm will have the same flavour, consistency and tenderness, everytime - so you can shop with confidence.


Many of our beef brands are proud of their provenance, whether it's a specific location like Cape Grim or one of Australia's best farming regions like Great Southern - you can rest assured your beef is traceable, Australian and delicious.


Knowing the grade of beef you are purchasing lets you truly understand what you are getting for your money - before it even makes it to the plate! Get to know our branding chart to better understand our grading system.


Australians are very aware of what ethical and sustainable considerations need to go into producing from now into the future. Each farm has it's own certifications, awards and best practises. If you're sustainably minded - you can find the best producers to suit your values and make an informed decision. See how the industry as a whole is working to be better.

Our Brands

Our Meat Grading Chart

Platinum Range

The best of the best! Our platinum range is the epitome of mouth feel, flavour and tenderness. Typically highly marbled, highly sought after and always in short supply.

Diamond Range

Comprised of Australia's finest beef bred to the highest standards, usually reserved for export. These prestigious cuts are generally aged for up to 6 weeks and are tender, full of flavour and primed for a dinner party or special occasion.

Gold Range

Mouth-watering yet still affordable enough to eat week-to-week. If you're a discerning carnivore with a taste for the high-life, but don't want all the bells and whistles - you're a gold shopper!

Silver Range

We work closely with Australian farmers to bring you quality beef derived from rich pastures. You'll find our silver range a perfect combination of delicious and affordable


Bronze Range

Designed for the budget conscious household where your dollar stretches further. Great value for money.

Shopping branded beef has never been easier - taste the difference today!

A Message From Our CEO

"At Super Butcher, we strive to bring you an experience like no other. In addition to our free services of slicing, cryovacing and marinating your purchases every day, we choose to go one step further by only stocking branded beef. Having a choice in Sustainability, Quality, Consistency and Provenance is incredibly important to us at Super Butcher, at many of our competitors this choice is made for you before you even step inside. We revel in the opportunity to put the power back into your hands, and to provide the education to support it.

I hope to meet you in store soon to see for yourself - or feel free to shop online for the same great service in the comfort of your Pyjamas."

- Susan McDonald

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