Bass Strait

A brand from our Diamond Range
39° South - The World’s Best Latitude for Grass Fed Beef

Bass Strait and its coastlines fall at the latitude where drenching rain, warming sun and salt water winds combine to create the perfect climate for grass fed beef.

Bass Strait beef employees the natural state hanging method, meaning that their cattle are hung in a way that is natural for the anatomic position of the cattle. This method reduces the stress placed on the carcass while it is in storage, providing a noticeably tender eating experience!

From the same producers as Cape Grim, Bass Strait is a nationally recognised brand that is perfect for any occasion.

Certified Non-GMO Project

Cape Grim Beef was the first Australian brand to be certified by the USA based NON-GMO protocol

A proud part of the never ever beef program

The never ever beef program guarantees:
- 100% grass fed beef with no grain - ever.
- antibiotic free beef - forever
- No hormone growth promotants - ever

Certified Humane

Cape Grim was the first Australian brand to receive the certficiation. The certified humane label assures consumers that animals are raised in accordance to the highest welfare standards.

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