Josdale Grass Fed Black Angus Rump Cap (Picanha) | $27.99kg

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Grade: Diamond

Josdale Grass Fed Black Angus Rump Cap (Picanha) | $27.99kg

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Rump cap is the cut that rests on top of the rump. Because it’s not an exerted muscle, rump cap is tender with a layer of fat that flavours and moistens the meat as it cooks. Rump cap makes a tender roast, or you can slice it against the grain for petite steaks and tender stir-fry strips.

 Country of origin: produced in Australia

Josdale Grass Fed Angus is part of out Diamond range, meaning it is one of our tastiest, most tender cuts of grass fed beef we have to offer. Being grass fed this black angus beef will have a strong, delicious beefy flavour while also maintaining tenderness throughout.

Please note that we can only pack Beef Steaks and Chicken Breast singularly, all other products have a minimum of 2 pieces or 200 grams per bag unless otherwise

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