Grass Fed Porterhouse Steaks 800g

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Grass Fed Porterhouse Steaks 800g

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Each of these delicious, juicy steaks are sliced at our standard Medium thickness, ~22mm (160-260g each), which is the optimal thickness for this Grass Fed Porterhouse. This thickness, when combined with a medium-rare internal cooked temperature (60-65°C) is guaranteed to procure the tenderness and flavour needed to deliver the best eating experience possible from this cut.

These Porterhouse steaks will come in lots of 800g and cannot be portioned down.

The Porterhouse is prepared from the striploin, and is characterised by a lean but tender cut with a thin top strip of fat for extra taste. You can trim the fat off if you prefer it leaner still. The muscles here do little work and thus yield a tender cut of meat making for a fantastic tasting and juicy steak.

Please note: These steaks will come at the thickness advertised in the product description. These cannot be portioned down and will come vacuum sealed in lots of the amount advertised in the product title. (E.g. 800g or 1kg).

We do not offer marinating on these steaks.

Our online delivery orders are packed neatly in a thick cardboard box with an insulated liner, complete with plenty of gel ice packs, all of which are recyclable*. This box can keep your order cool for up to 2 hours after delivery.

*Liner and gel packs RedCycle approved.

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