We've Increased Our Staff Discount By 50%!

We're On A Mission

If you've been following our story, you'll know that our mission started in 2021 to become the #1 Employer of Choice in Southeast Queensland. 

In November last year, we took the first big step and closed our stores for a day to focus on our team, to scream from the rooftops that our people mean so much more than any amount of money could and that from now on, our number one mission was to put our people first.

We called it Phoenix Day, as we burned down the ideals of the old Super Butcher and rose from the ashes. Everything accounted for, Phoenix Day cost us over $100k - and we're already planning our next big get together for 2022. 

Phoenix Day was a smashing success, we spent the day listening to our team, presenting our new company virtues (the favourite was our no d***head policy) and empowering our teams to have fun in the workplace. We took away hundreds of ideas from our staff on how to make Super Butcher the best place to work in - we have our plan now, and we are well into actioning many facets of it. 

Our Staff and Our Product

One of the big points of feedback from our team was blaringly obvious in hindsight, they wanted to learn more about the products we sell. We're lucky at Super Butcher, we have access to the best brands of beef that Australia and the world has to offer - but there's a whole lot of choice that can be overwhelming at times. 

Our team was finding it challenging to learn everything there is to know about every brand, and to understand the subtle nuances in the great brands we offer.

We knew the answer, they needed to eat more of it. 

This year, we're commiting to running tasting classes with all of our teams throughout the year. Where our Super Chef, and our myriad of BBQ teams cook and detail our brands, showcasing their knowledge across masterclasses; immering our team in cooking, educating, tasting and eating to appreciate everything in our repertoire. 

We're also creating a calendar for 2022 to bring these classes to our customers, we have everything from an introduction to BBQ, to breaking down animals and Beef Appreciation in the works for you. 

Now,  this brings us to our next announcement. We're increasing our staff discount for our entire team by 50%

While classes are great, every member of our team (no pesky vegans around these parts) eats the meat we sell each and every week.

We deal in a whole range of brands and price ranges, and we want to give our team access to anything they would like, as affordably as we can - so they can not only enjoy more of our product at home, but also teach you a thing or two from first hand experience. 

This wasn't a hard decision, our glowing team put it on our radar on Phoenix Day. It's simply a small part of the exciting journey we have set ourselves on. 

We're so excited for them to be able to bring better product knowledge and their own first hand experiences to you this year - make sure you ask them about their favourite brands on your next visit, and see how this progresses as the year goes on. 

Want to Enjoy Our Products With a Generous Staff Discount? 


It just so happens that we're hiring! We are growing this year, we're currently planning on opening 5 stores in 2022 and we need the best butchers, customer service staff and managers to fill them. 

If you want to join our team, or learn a bit more about us you can:

View some of the roles we have on offer here 
Send us an email at joinus@superbutcher.com.au 
Call us on 1800-BUTCHER 

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