Red Wine Lamb Shanks

Brisbane's winter chill is slowly setting in which means we're searching for delicious, decadent slow cooked recipes to fill our stomachs! 

A warm meal that simmers away on a Sunday afternoon has become a staple of any Aussie home. Almost as quintessential as the smell of sauteeing onions and garlic, the smell of red wine and crushed tomatoes marrying with beef or lamb screams winter to us. 

We've put together our easiest, most delicious lamb shank recipe passed down through our butcher shops for decades. The best part about it is - this is virtually impossible to overcook!

You want your lamb to be falling off the bone, and while we recommend a cook time of two hours in the recipe below - an hour or two extra will only help your flavours infuse even more and make your lamb just that touch more tender. 


1) As we'll be using a stick blender to create a puree from the vegetables we're adding - there's no need to spend time finely dicing them. We recommend a rough chop for the onions, carrots and celery. But if you prefer to dice - go ahead! 


2) Frying off your tomato paste adds an extra level of flavour to the sauce! Ensuring it contacts with the heat for a brief minute directly will add something special to your dish. 

3) Count the sprigs of rosemary and bay leaves you add, as you will want to remove this before finishing your sauce - if you have little ones, as these are very hard to break down with a blender - it's all the more important to get them out. 

4) There's no need to heavily trim your lamb shanks! Lamb shanks come in varying sizes with varying levels of fat on them. Just remove the hard fat and leave the rest to break down into the dish and add flavour.